Car Maintenance: Knowing When to Buy New Tires

2 Parts That You Can Use To Improve Your Bug Out Vehicle

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A bug out vehicle needs to be one of the most important parts of your disaster preparations as it is the vehicle that you will be using to get you and your family to safety if a disaster strikes. As a result, you will want to make your bug out vehicle as capable as possible which can be achieved by utilizing certain auto parts, such as a locking differential and skid plates. Locking Differential Since you may end up having to go off-road when a disaster strikes, it is in your best interests to make it much harder for your bug out vehicle to get stuck. This is important because many of the safest bug out locations may actually be in remote or rural areas, or you may have to avoid major roads in order to evacuate a busy city due to the traffic jams that may ensue when everyone else in the city tries to get out as well.  One of the easiest ways to keep your vehicle from getting hopelessly stuck if you have to go off-road is to replace your current differential with a locking one. In most cases, a vehicle will have a differential that is designed to send more energy from the engine to the wheels that are spinning more quickly. Unfortunately, this means that if you have one or more tires stuck in sand, snow, mud, or off the ground that those wheels will get the majority of the power from the engine while the tires that are not spinning uselessly will not have enough power to pull you free. However, a locking differential works by sending equal amounts of power to all four of your wheels at all times. This means that if you do have a wheel or two that is spinning uselessly, the other wheels will still be receiving power. As a result, those wheels may still be able to pull you free from whatever you were stuck in. Skid Plates If you are going to be going off-road in your bug out vehicle, then it is important that you protect the underside of your vehicle from the rocks and other debris that could potentially damage your vehicle and render it inoperable. For example, rocks could potentially damage your brake lines, fuel line, fuel tank, and engine. However, skid plates are an easy way to avoid those issues as they are designed to cover the sensitive areas underneath your vehicle and protect them from any debris or other items that may scrape along the underside of your vehicle. Speak to an auto parts specialist in order to discuss which parts you should consider to make your bug out vehicle more capable. Locking differentials can help keep you from getting hopelessly stuck, while skid plates can prevent vital components of your vehicle from being damaged if you go off-road. For cheap replacement parts, consider contacting a company like Four-Twenty-Two Auto...

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Four Ways To Prepare Your Car To Sell And Increase Its Value On Trade-In

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If you are in the market for a new car, you may have an old car to get rid of first. Small damage and repairs that need to be done can cause you to lose money. This is why you may want to do some things to improve your car and get it ready for resell. You may want to do things like detail the body work, give it a tune up and make sure that all maintenance is done. Here are some ways that you can ensure you get the most for your car: 1. Changing The Fluids And Tuning Up Your Car One of the first things you will want to do when getting your car ready to sell is a tune up and fluid change. You will want to have the oil, coolant and transmission fluids changed. In addition, you can have it tuned up and replace the spark plugs to ensure that it is in good shape. 2. Doing The Small Repairs That Need To Be Done There may be small parts that need to be replaced before you sell your car. These can be fuses that have burn out and other minor problems that do not affect driving but can hurt the value of your car. Get the auto parts that you need to do any minor repairs before you sell your car or take it for a trade in. 3. Inspecting The Body And Interior For Damage That Needs Repairs In addition to mechanical problems, there may be small cosmetic problems with your car. This can be things like scratches on the paint or a small button missing in the interior. Look over your car and take notes of all these problems and fix as many of them as possible. Some of these repairs can be a simple fix. 4. Cleaning And Detailing Your Car To Make It Look Like New Once you have all the small repairs done to your car, detail it to make it look like new again. Make sure to start with the interior and get every speck of dust. If there are seats that can be removed, take them out to clean as thoroughly as possible. Do the same on the outside, starting with the wheels and paying attention to every detail. These are some ways that you can prepare your car for resell and get the most for a trade in. If your car needs a few small repairs, contact a used auto parts dealer like A&L Auto Recyclers to get everything you need to get your car ready to show to the next buyer....

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Embracing Freedom And Limiting Liability – Advantages Of Leasing A Semi Truck

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The American economy has long functioned on the back of the trucking industry. The ability to ship goods quickly across a vast landscape has created an air of responsibility and achievement around driving a semi truck, making it an attractive career path. Unfortunately, the expense and responsibility associated with truck ownership may deter some people who don’t realize there are better ways to engage in the industry. Below, you’ll find a guide to some of the advantages of leasing rather than purchasing your semi truck. Hopefully, considering this available upside will give you the confidence you need to pursue trucking as a career path, allowing you to explore the landscape without exposing yourself to extensive liability. Modernized Equipment When you own your own truck, it can be a struggle to make sure it’s always loaded with the most up-to-date and effective components. Modern electronic gear allows for global positioning and embedded weighing, but your truck has to be able to interact with those measuring tools in order for them to be effective. Rather than being forced into pouring your own capital into your truck and stretching yourself thin, renting a truck will guarantee that you’ll always have access to the best technology. Larger companies can update their stock much more frequently, and they can guarantee that your effort always translates into maximized performance. Guaranteed Routes One of the biggest challenges as an owner-operator is finding reliable shipping routes that will always provide you with sufficient work to generate the income you desire. Large companies tend to make shipping agreements with trucking companies with large fleets, shutting out the individual owners. Rather than struggling against that system, it can make more sense to embrace it. Leasing a truck from such a large firm can help guarantee that work will always be available, allowing you to select the routes which will meet your needs and guarantee your financial stability. Credit Relief Starting your career as a truck driver may be difficult if you have a financial history that precludes you from purchasing a truck. Bad credit may require you to make a huge investment up front or commit to financing that will hurt you in the long run, thus taking away much of your incentive to pursue driving a truck in the first place. Leasing a truck will often have less stringent financial requirements attached, allowing you to build up your reputation and credit while continuing to work. For more information about leasing a truck, contact a company like Decatur Trailer Sales & Service...

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How To Get The Most Money For Your Used Car Even When Selling To A Used Car Dealership

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Many people are skeptical about selling their car to a used car dealership. However, this is a great way to sell your car quickly and still get a good amount of money for it. Here’s how to be sure that you get the most money out of selling your used car even to a used car dealership: Clean the Car: Obviously, you want to clean the car to make it look as new as possible. Doing this is also going to save the dealership a great deal of time and money than doing this on your own, which will ensure that they offer a higher price for the vehicle. Getting it detailed is the best way to be sure that you get more money for the car. You should also consider replacing the floor mats (another way to save the dealership money).  Repair Obvious Problems: Repairing your car that you plan on selling completely and totally is just not worth it. Most of the time, hidden repairs that need to be done are going to be costly and won’t bring the value of the car up that much higher. Instead, you should only focus on repairing obvious problems, such as dents and scratches on the exterior. In the end, this is the best way to get the most money for the vehicle. Gather up Records: All maintenance records that you have on the vehicle should be collected and shown to the used car dealership who will be purchasing your car. This may provoke them to offer you more money since they will know that there is less maintenance that will need to be done on the vehicle before they sell it themselves. You may even consider paying for a CarFax report, which will allow the car dealership to see the history of the car before they purchase it. If the history is clean, then they will probably offer you more money for the vehicle.  Know the Price: In order to be sure that you are getting as close to a fair price as possible on your used car, you will want to know the estimated value yourself. Use Kelley Blue Book to determine what a fair price would be and when you receive offers from any used car dealership, you can be sure that you accept one that is as close to that price as possible.  Knowing how to get the most money from your used car will allow you to sell your car even quicker.  To learn more, visit a website...

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Expanding The Life Of Your Vehicle’s Tires

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If you have just had a new set of tires placed on your vehicle, you will most likely want to keep them from wearing prematurely so you save money and keep your vehicle safe. There are several steps you can take to keep your tires in the best condition, saving you from frequent new tire purchases. Here are some steps you can take to increase the life of your vehicle’s tires. Watch The Pressure Always keep your tires inflated to the recommended pressure as listed in your vehicle manual. Over-inflating tires can lead to blowouts and improper wear. Under-inflated tires will wear out much quicker as there is more surface of the rubber on the road as you are driving the vehicle. Make it a point to check your tire pressure once a week to keep your tires in the best of condition. Service After Hitting Something If you run over something in the road or drive into a large pothole or crater, causing your vehicle to hit the area with an impact, bring your vehicle into a tire specialist right away to have your tires checked. Often when there is an impact, your wheels will need to be aligned as the hit will cause them to jar out of place. Continuing to drive after the impact can make your tires wear quickly as they will no longer be rotating evenly. Rotate Regularly Take your vehicle into the tire shop where you had purchased your tires to have them rotated according to the tire specifications. The service will swap the front left and right tires with each other and will do the same with the back set of tires. This ensures your tires will wear at an even rate. Often a tire service will offer free or discount rates for having your tires rotated after you purchase the tires at their establishment. Check The Balance If you need to put on a spare tire because one of your new tires has a slow leak or hole in it, make sure to have the spare balanced before placing it on your vehicle. Since the spare is most likely not the same model as the new set, it may be a different weight than the other three. A tire service will weigh your tire and add small metal weights to your spare so your tires will evenly distribute the weight of the vehicle. If you must use a donut on your vehicle, bring it to a tire shop right away to purchase a full-sized tire to keep your other three tires from wearing prematurely. To learn more, contact a wheel alignment company like D Wells Automotive...

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What Services Are Offered By A Mobile Auto Glass Repair Company

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Auto problems occur when you least expect it. If you are out on the road when problems arise, it may not be convenient to take your vehicle into a shop to be repaired. This is especially true if you have problems with your auto glass. Moving the car further may cause the broken glass to be more severe and come crashing in on you as you drive. Fortunately, there are auto glass repair companies (such as Performance Auto Glass) that will come to you and help you on the spot. These are mobile windshield repair companies and these are the services they offer.  Windshield Repair   When a windshield gets a small crack or chip in it, there is a good chance that it will spread across the windshield and become a dangerous safety hazard. However, if the chip or crack can be repaired quickly while it is small, this can be prevented.  Special adhesives are used to seal cracks and chips so they do not expand. This is done by injecting the adhesive into the damaged glass. This service can be done quickly and easily at the location your car is in when you first notice the broken glass. Windshield Replacement  Mobile auto glass repair companies can often replace a windshield onsite as well. You will need to contact the repair company and give him the make and model of your vehicle. You may also need to give him a rough estimate of the measurements of your windshield. The mobile windshield repair company will first remove the damaged windshield. The area around the windshield will be cleaned properly to remove any small bits of shattered glass. Once the new windshield is installed, an adhesive will be used to seal the windshield in place. The windshield also has a piece or rubberized trim around it that seals thoroughly when the windshield is installed. Other Auto Glass Repairs and Replacements  Some mobile windshield repair companies also do repairs and replacements for other types of auto glass. If windows, mirrors or headlights are cracked or broken, these may be repaired where the car is sitting without having to drive the car to the shop location. This helps prevent the glass from being further damaged and may also help you avoid being caught and getting a ticket for driving with a cracked headlight, mirror or window. Mobile windshield repair companies can also bill your insurance for payment for the repairs or replacements that are done. This ensures they get paid without the need of an upfront payment before the work is completed on your...

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Need A Tow? Three Alternatives To A Towing Service

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When you need a car towed, the best thing you can do is to call a local towing service. They have the tools and equipment to get your car where you need it quickly and safely. Unfortunately, that’s not always an immediate option. If you need to tow your car with another vehicle, even if it’s just to get it out of the way until a towing service can arrive, it’s important that you do so safely. If you’ve never had to tow a car before, the whole concept may seem confusing. Here are a few methods you can consider to tow your car safely with another vehicle. Car Carrier or Trailer If the towing vehicle is a truck or another vehicle large enough to safely tow a trailer or car carrier, that’s your safest alternative to a towing service with a flatbed. Car carriers and tow trailers connect to a trailer hitch on the back of the towing vehicle, and you drive the car to be towed onto that trailer. Just remember that you’ll need a tow vehicle with enough tow capacity to handle the weight of the car you’re towing. Check the tow rating in the owner’s manual before you hit the road, and when in doubt, call a professional instead. Tow Dolly Unlike a car carrier, only the front wheels of your car will be off the ground when you opt for a tow dolly. A tow dolly is a smaller version of a trailer, so the front wheels are all that fits on it. You’ll still have to follow the same towing rules, including making sure that the tow vehicle has the capacity for the added weight. Otherwise, you may put too much strain on the engine of the tow vehicle, causing engine failure. You can rent a tow dolly from most equipment rental companies. They’re lightweight, and attach to the tow hitch the same way that a standard trailer would. Tow Bar Tow bars mount to the car being towed by hooking around the suspension. Then, they attach to the towing vehicle via the trailer hitch. The basic structure of a tow bar resembles an “A.” For safe towing with a tow bar, you’ll need to have safety chains securing the towed vehicle to the tow bar and the tow bar to the truck. The chains just act as reinforcement, just in case. Tow bar towing is a bit less stable than towing with a trailer or dolly, so make sure you’re traveling at safe speeds, and don’t ride too close to the car in front of you. You’ll want to be able to stop gently so you don’t push on the rear of the vehicle. Check with a company like Elden Dattage Towing & Auto Repair for more advice about towing your car...

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Metal Gate Customization: Why You Should Take It To A Machine Shop

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Did you purchase a metal gate and want to customize the way it looks for more character? Although it is possible for you to take on the project on your own, you will be better off taking the gate to the professionals at a machine shop. In this article, learn how your metal gate can be customized to your specifications in a timely manner by machine shop specialists. Why Should Metal Gate Customization Be Done in a Machine Shop? Attempting to customize a metal gate on your own can lead to a disaster if you don’t have the right tools and skills. Most importantly, you can cause harm to your body by from too much exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the welding equipment. Your eyes can suffer from flash burn, which happens when happens when the thin film covering your cornea gets damaged. You can suffer symptoms that include painful, bloodshot and watery eyes, so it is a good idea to leave the task to a professional. Amateur welding is also a bad idea because inhaling the fumes can expose your body to manganese. You don’t want to inhale manganese because it can possibly lead to you experiencing health problems that are similar to Parkinson’s disease. You can begin moving slowly and have a hard time keeping your balance when standing. What Kind of Equipment is Used in a Machine Shop for Efficiency? One of the most efficient pieces of equipment used in a machine shop is called a lathe machine. The professionals will be able to place your gate in the machine to cut the metal no matter how large it is. The machine can also be used for cutting any additional pieces of metal that you want added to the gate. Commercial hammers are also used for working with metal in a machine shop. The hammers are used for bending the metal into the design of your choice. If the metal being customized is thin enough, the professionals will simply use their hands to bend it into shape. Your gate can also be finished with sandpaper and buffed to change the way it looks. You can have the most unique gate on your block if you take it to a machine shop like Certified Products Co and get it customized in a unique way. Stop by a machine shop in your area to find out what can be done to give your gate the look that you have in...

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3 Ways To Make Your Next Flight Less Stressful

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Many people find airline travel to be terribly stressful. Fortunately, there are several precautions you can take that you can do in order to help make your next flight more relaxing and enjoyable. Here are three. 1. Pack Wisely  Packing wisely can go a long way in ensuring that your flight goes smoothly. The first thing that you should do is create a checklist for all of the items that you want to bring on your trip. While you are packing everything, double check and make sure that every item on your list has been checked off. Doing this is an excellent way to make sure that you don’t accidentally leave something important behind. Also, never wait until the same day that your flight departs to start packing. Packing the night before, or even sooner if possible, is one of the best ways to avoid a stressful day of traveling.  2. Shut Out Background Noise  While flying before, you may have noticed that there tends to be a lot of background noise. The plane itself tends to be quite loud, and then you sometimes have to deal with kids crying or other passengers talking. All of this noise can make it feel difficult to relax during your flight. However, you can easily block out these disturbing background noises. Just bring a pair of noise cancelling headphones with you, or if low tech is more your style, you can simply use a pair of ear plugs.  3. Hire A Shuttle Bus Service There are numerous advantages to hiring a shuttle service. For one thing, you can arrange to have them pick you up right at your front door and then bring you to the airport. Not only will you not have to worry about driving, but you can also have the bus driver help you carry your luggage. Another great reason to hire a shuttle bus service is that you won’t have the hassle of trying to find a parking spot and paying parking fees. Also, if your flight is early in the morning or late at night you won’t have to worry about inconveniencing your family or friends. The shuttle bus service can handle your transportation needs instead. There’s no doubt that having to deal with airline flights can be overwhelming and stressful. However, trying even just one or two of these tips should help make things much easier for...

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Is Your Vehicle Ready For The Open Road?

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The warm weather of summer is approaching, and the open road beckons you to destinations both familiar and new. However, your vehicle may need some general maintenance before you decide to travel. There are a few things you should check that will make your travel experiences much more pleasant and less prone to vehicle breakdowns. These include: Your car battery Visually inspect your battery terminals and cables by loosening the cable clamps with an adjustable wrench. If there are signs of corrosion buildup (a white powdery coating), clean them with a light grade sandpaper. Check the cables for signs of wear. If you see copper colored wire exposed at any point along the length of a cable, you should replace the cable. If your battery is over two years old, or has been exposed to extremely cold weather, you should take it to an auto supply store to be tested. They will usually test your battery for free. Hoses and belts Hoses and belts are common causes of vehicle breakdowns, especially if they are older or have been exposed to extreme temperatures. Hoses and belts should be supple and smooth to the touch, with no visible signs of cracks or wear. Over time, temperature variations cause hoses and belts to expand and contract. They become dry and brittle, losing their elasticity, and cannot withstand the pressure of hard use on long trips. Replace all hoses and belts at one time if they are all original parts or have been replaced at the same time in the past. Air filters There are two air filters in your vehicle. The cabin air filter cleans the air that you breathe, while the engine air filter cleans the air that your engine uses to burn fuel. A dirty engine air filter can decrease engine performance and gas mileage, while a dirty cabin filter can allow contaminants such as road dust, allergens, and road salt into the air that you breathe inside your vehicle. Both are simple to replace and only require a screwdriver to open an easily accessed compartment, but their locations may be different in each vehicle. Check your owner’s manual for specific locations. Be sure to purchase the correct filters for the year, make, and model of your vehicle. Coolant Your coolant has two duties. It acts as an antifreeze in the winter and cools your engine in the summer. Your cooling system has an overflow tank which allows it to expand when hot. This transparent tank is located near the front of the engine and has both “full” and “low” markings on its side. If the fluid is at the “low” level in the overflow tank, you should fill the tank to the full level. Be sure to buy coolant that meets the manufacturer’s specifications as outlined in your owner’s manual. If possible, have your coolant flushed and filled at a local service center. Many car repair facilities have special deals on cooling system “flush and fills” in the spring. Coolant can become degraded over time and less effective in keeping your engine from overheating when you are enjoying an otherwise relaxing road trip. For more information, contact a business such as Import Specialty...

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