Car Maintenance: Knowing When to Buy New Tires

Why You Should Invest In A Class B RV When You Retire

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When you’re reaching retirement, it’s good to have an investment plan for your time and money. Though your options may be limited by your budget (and imagination), considering investment options that bring maximum returns is wise. So if you want to spend your time and money wisely beyond retirement, you should know why it pays to invest in a Class B RV for sale. What’s Class? Classification in RV terms is based on the size and capacity of the vehicle. Class A refers to the largest vehicle size, normally up to 45 feet in...

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Wedding Anniversary Limousine Rental: The Features You Can Get To Make The Occasion Special

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You can make your wedding anniversary an event to remember by renting a sophisticated limousine for the occasion. If you want to invite a lot of guests to celebrate with you and your spouse, a limo can be beneficial if alcohol will be consumed because no one will have to drive drunk. Learn about the features you can get with a limousine rental for your wedding anniversary and how much it should cost. What Kind of Features Can Be Purchased with a Limousine Rental? One of the features some limo rentals provide is a light show. As you and your...

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Learn How To Celebrate A Loved One’s Last Chemo Treatment With A Limousine

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Being able to help a loved one know how special and cherished they are is important. If you have a loved one who is currently battling cancer, doing something really amazing for him or her to celebrate their last day of chemotherapy can be a special way to show how much you care. Renting a limousine and planning a special day is a great way to show your love for them. Below is a guide for some options to consider when planning their special day. A Massage Your loved one will be in a lot of pain. Their body will be weak and the chemotherapy...

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Which Type Of Trailer Hitch Is Right For You?

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No matter the size of your vehicle, if it supports a hitch, you’re going to want to get the most out of it as possible. Your cargo will vary: anything from a moving trailer, to a motorcycle, to a flatbed of lumber is common. That’s why it’s important to understand the different options available to you and find the perfect fit. Three popular varieties for vehicle owners are fixed tongue hitches, box hitches, and gooseneck hitches. But which one is right for you? Fixed Tongue Hitch Considered the most commonly chosen...

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Manual Or Automatic Transmission: Which Will Cost You More Over Time?

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Many people choose cars with manual transmissions because they believe that it saves them money. It’s true that a manual may save you money on the initial price point of the car, but that doesn’t mean it won’t cost you down the line. In fact, many of the reasons people champion manual transmissions no longer apply in most modern cars. Evaluating the Differences A manual transmission offers a lot to drivers. Less complicated Less prone to failure Traditionally offered superior gas mileage When a manual transmission breaks...

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Removing Overspray From Your Windshield Using Household Products

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If you recently painted your vehicle, or had your vehicle painted, and some paint ended up on the windshield, don’t stress out. You do not have to get a new windshield. With a few simple supplies and a free half hour, you can remove the pigment from your windshield. Clay Bar If you have a detailing clay bar lying around, you can use it to remove the paint on your windshield. If you do not have a detailing clay bar, you can purchase one at your local auto parts or hardware store. Clay bars are generally used to remove debris from the...

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Three Common Misconceptions Concerning Transmission Troubles

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When you start to notice what you think are signs that your transmission is in need of repair, there is no doubt you will be concerned enough to talk about the issue with fellow drivers. Unfortunately, one mention of a bad transmission can turn everyone around you into a wannabe mechanic and there is no limit to the misinformation you get. Here are a few of the most common misconceptions about transmission problems that these well-meaning folks may pass your way. Myth: Well, you might as well junk your vehicle if the transmission is bad....

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You Can’t Make Lemonade Out Of Used Lemons Unless You Live In These 6 States

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Unreliable vehicles create sour consumers. When the repairs can’t be made, and the bills begin to surpass the worth of the car, it’s time to check whether your state can protect you with its used car lemon laws. Lemons laws protect car owners in all 50 states. But, only these 6 states have laws on the books that can help you turn your used lemon into some sweet-tasting lemonade. Hawaii The amount of lemon law coverage is based upon your mileage when you buy your vehicle–and covers only certain parts of your vehicle, like the...

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An Introduction To Your First Snowmobile Trailer

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A snowmobile trailer is a substantial investment for an owner of a snowmobile. For many owners, they end up going through snowmobiles faster than they go through trailers. Since the cargo snowmobile owners usually transport in their trailers is valuable, it is vital to learn everything you can about a snowmobile trailer before you purchase it. Different Kinds of Snowmobile Trailers There are many different kinds of snowmobile trailers including tilts, tilts with ramps, enclosed, and drive on and drive offs. Tilts: With a tilt, you will be...

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What Skills Do You Need To Become A Tow Truck Driver?

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When considering a career change, you’ll need to examine more closely the skills that are necessary for the job. You may want to be a tow truck driver because it looks easy and because the pay is good. However, you might be surprised to learn that car towing requires more skills than just collecting broken down vehicles! If you want to know more about this career choice and what it takes, your answers are right here. Commercial Driving Skills You cannot drive a tow truck without a commercial license. A tow truck is considered a...

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