Being able to help a loved one know how special and cherished they are is important. If you have a loved one who is currently battling cancer, doing something really amazing for him or her to celebrate their last day of chemotherapy can be a special way to show how much you care. Renting a limousine and planning a special day is a great way to show your love for them. Below is a guide for some options to consider when planning their special day.

A Massage

Your loved one will be in a lot of pain. Their body will be weak and the chemotherapy can often cause someone's body to feel constant pain in their muscles, joints, and even their bones. There are some limousine companies that offer patrons a massage in the limo. Allowing your loved one to get a massage as you travel from one place to another is a great way to give them peace and relaxation after a long battle.

A Hot Tub

If you want to be able to throw a fun celebration, consider renting a limousine that has a hot tub built into it. A few friends and family of the loved one could sit in the hot tub and relax with him or her while they tour the city. This is a great way to allow your loved one to know that they are a part of a group that truly loves them. The hot tub will keep everyone warm on even the coolest of days.

Ice Cream

Chemotherapy can often cause someone's throat to swell, which can make it difficult for him or her to eat. Cold ice cream can often feel very soothing to someone that has gone through chemotherapy. When planning the route you want the limo to take, be sure to remember to pass by an ice cream shop so your friend can get some soothing refreshment.

A Makeover

Chemotherapy can often make someone lose his or her hair. When this happens, it often causes someone to go into depression and feel lost. Taking your loved one to get a makeover will give him or her a new lease on life. They are getting a second chance, and starting over will help them to realize that the past is behind them and that they have a bright future ahead of them.

It is important to book the limousine with a company like Extreme Limo & Shuttle Service a few weeks before you plan to use it. This will ensure you are able to book it for the exact date and time you need to use it.