Whether you employ twenty members or five on your crew, investing in the right equipment for your landscaping business can make a dramatic difference in how your team gets the job done. Commercial trucks are one type of landscaping equipment you should definitely consider, especially if you're operating out of standard cab vehicles, like pick-ups or work vans.  

New commercial trucks aren't always the best fit for small landscaping operations, especially if you need to invest in specialized trucks or ones that require CDL licensing. So if you're interested in a good deal and a great way to improve how your business works, you need to consider why your landscaping team can benefit from used commercial vehicles. 

Used Beats A New Tag

Investing in a used commercial truck is a great way to save money on upfront costs, which is a big plus if you can't afford to make payments on a new vehicle. Used commercial vehicles are often a great investment for landscaping operations, especially if your jobs are in close proximity to your headquarters or if you're using specialized trucks infrequently, like a dump truck or one with a boom. Though used trucks that have high mileage can be higher in maintenance (and a headache if you aren't familiar with the vehicle's repair needs) landscaping jobs often don't place the wear and tear on the truck that long-distances would. And since you can choose a used truck that has bonus features already installed, instead of increasing the price tag on a new truck, your crew can enjoy features like fuel efficiency, camera back-up devices, or sound systems that may not be affordable otherwise.

You Can Do More

If your landscaping business currently uses light duty commercial trucks upgrading to medium duty ones can allow you to expand your horizons. And because you can save on a used commercial truck, you can afford to invest in two specialized vehicles for the price of one new. So instead of investing in a new truck that meets a wide range of your landscaping duties, you can consider investing in multiple vehicles that will give you more for your money. Investing in a couple of used vehicles that are in great condition will allow you to use each only when necessary, like when hauling yard debris or landscaping materials in a dump truck or flatbed and saving your service truck for tools and gear instead of debris or foliage. If you can use trucks for specialized functions, you'll cut back on their maintenance needs and keep anyone from raking in high mileage.