Maintaining your vehicle in every manner possible is extremely important when it comes to ensuring your car's dependability. One aspect of vehicles that motorists often neglect are the tires. In fact, a study performed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that vehicles with tires that were underinflated by at least 25% had an increased chance of being the cause of an accident. If you are concerned about your tires becoming underinflated, then you may have considered using nitrogen as a preventive measure. However, you may be wondering if nitrogen is worth the hassle. Here are some considerations to make:

How is nitrogen superior to air for tires?

First of all, the cooling properties of nitrogen reduces the heat that tires normally generate. This minimizes wear and helps to maintain the rubber. Secondly, using nitrogen in tires leads to greater fuel efficiency, since tires are more apt to remain properly inflated. This can save you substantial amounts in fuel costs over time.

Another reason why nitrogen is superior to air for inflating tires is due to increased safety. NASCAR uses nitrogen in their drivers' tires due to this fact. Nitrogen reduces the humidity inside tires, therefore, preventing water from interfering with tire pressure.

The cons of nitrogen use in tires

Despite the fact that the positive aspects of inflating tires with this gas far outweigh the negative, there are a couple of negative aspects to consider. First of all, cost is a factor. It can cost on average of about $6 per tire to have them inflated with nitrogen. This will vary somewhat and could be higher or lower depending on where you go. Many people feel that the cost is very well worth the benefits.

Another con of having tires filled with nitrogen is difficulty finding a local dealer. Not every tire dealer offers nitrogen as an option for inflation. However, as more and more drivers realize the many advantages of filling their tires with this useful gas, increasingly amounts of dealers are making nitrogen available. If you're not sure where to find a dealer locally, then you can easily check online and find one near your home or job.

So if you're not sure if inflating your tires with nitrogen as opposed to air is a good idea, then hopefully these points will help you make a decision. If filling your tires with nitrogen can help you save money on gas and increase your safety and fuel efficiency while driving, then nitrogen use could be a great idea. Talk to experts such as Jafstram Imported Car Service, for more information.