It's a common dilemma: your old car has seen better days but you simply don't have the budget to replace it with a brand new car right now. Instead of taking out a huge car loan, why not invest a bit of time and money into making your old car feel brand new? This is an especially good idea if your car looks old but still runs well. Here are five ideas for making your old car feel new:

Deep Clean Your Car

The longer you have your car, the grimier it tends to get. In addition to running it through the carwash, you're going to want to deep clean the interior. Vacuum up all the crumbs and dirt, remove cushions to vacuum underneath them, toss any trash or accumulated clutter, and polish the interior fixtures. Spending just a few hours deep cleaning your car will leave it looking and smelling much more fresh and new.

Have Old Dents and Scratches Repaired

Are you driving around with old scratches, dents, or other body damage from previous collisions or fender benders? Now is the time to take your car to an auto body repair specialist. They will be able to repair the visible damage, usually using a combination of reshaping the metal, sanding, painting and buffing. No more visible dents or scrapes.

Reupholster or Replace the Seats

Nothing makes a car feel old and outdated quite like lumpy old seats with foam coming through the seams. Luckily, auto salvage shops and even junkyards often have replacement seats available for an affordable cost.

Buy a Headlight Restoration Kit

Are your headlights looking dingy and yellow? Purchasing a headlight restoration kit from an auto accessories store or online is the solution. With these kits you can quickly restore the clarity and look of your headlights, leaving them clear and new again. This not only improves the aesthetics of your vehicle, but also contributes to your safety since the restored lights will do a more effective job of illuminating the road.

Have Your Car Professionally Painted

While not cheap, a new paint job is still pretty affordable compared to buying a new car and will make a dramatic difference in how new your car looks. In fact, a glossy paint job in a brand new color will definitely have you feeling like you're driving a new car.

These five tips will spruce up your car for significantly less money than replacing it. For more advice, contact a business such as Convoy Collision and Auto Body.