Drivers of large tractor trailers have to go through rigorous training before they are able to test to get their commercial driver's license or CDL. Getting a CDL allows someone to legally drive a tractor trailer legally. The following guide walks you through a few things that are required before someone can test for their CDL.

Written Tests

Before someone can get their CDL, there are many manuals and books that they have to study and learn thoroughly. There will also be a driving school that they will have to attend in order to get the chance to test for their license. The school teaches them not only how to operate the truck, but also how to handle scary situations that can arise when someone is driving a large truck.

Hands-on Training

When someone is training to get their CDL, they will actually be put behind the wheel of a big rig to learn how to operate it. The teachers at the driving school will be with the person every step of the way to ensure that they learn proper techniques to handle the vehicle properly at all times.

Driving Test

After the driver finishes their training, they will be ready to take their driving test. The driving test for getting a CDL is very similar to the test that drivers need to pass to get a traditional driver's license, except that it focuses on the elements needed to operate a big rig. The test will be done by a teacher at the driving school and will consist of the general operating knowledge of the vehicle as well as someone actually physically driving the truck through an obstacle course as well as on the open road.

Ride Alongs

Some jurisdictions require drivers to ride with other licensed CDL drivers for a few weeks to ensure that they know how to handle the truck on the highways. The ride-alongs allow someone to learn what to do in emergency situations and how to react to other drivers on the road.

After someone has passed their test and has the hours of training that are required, they will be ready to hit the open road. They need to be sure that they are careful because there are some instances that will arise when first driving the truck that the person was not trained to know how to handle. Being able to communicate with dispatch and handle the truck safely will be key in these instances.