It seems almost impossible to control hail damage, but this isn't necessarily the case. By preventing hail from damaging your windshield or other parts of your car, you will be able to sell your car for a higher price. The windshield is especially vulnerable to hail and can crack very easily.

Shield Your Windshield

When you believe there is a weather advisory, you should try to park your car in a location that will minimize the chances that it will be damaged by hail, such as in a garage. However, if you do not have a garage, try to cover your car as best as you can by placing a blanket over it. Another option is to place your floor mats over the windshield. This is handy if a hailstorm is imminent and you do not have anything else to cover your car with. The downside is that your floor mats will not be able to cover your entire car, so you should consider keeping a blanket or car cover in your car.

If you are very invested in protecting your windshield against hail, you should invest in one of the most cutting edge car covers. One version is an airbag that inflates in five minutes and then provides a cushion for your car. The other option is an aluminum mesh cover that can cover your car much more quickly.

If you know that a hailstorm is coming, you should locate a parking garage. You can often find these at malls and nearby universities. Make sure that you will be allowed to park in the garage and explain to security why you need to use the garage temporarily. Another option is to park your car under a bridge. Research safe parking spots ahead of time and load them into a GPS so you can find them quickly.

Try to Stop Driving

However, if it is already hailing, you should pull over to the side of the road. Hail does more damage to a car in motion, so you are better off staying put and waiting for the hailstorm to end. If you cannot stop, at least slow down.

Don't Park Under a Tree

There are many objects you should not park under when caught in a hailstorm. Trees not only provide poor cover, but branches can break off of these trees and hit your car. Try to avoid less developed areas where rocks and debris are more likely to hit your windshield.

If hail damage becomes unavoidable, be sure to visit a windshield repair service as soon as possible to get your windshield fixed quickly.