Auto problems occur when you least expect it. If you are out on the road when problems arise, it may not be convenient to take your vehicle into a shop to be repaired. This is especially true if you have problems with your auto glass. Moving the car further may cause the broken glass to be more severe and come crashing in on you as you drive. Fortunately, there are auto glass repair companies (such as Performance Auto Glass) that will come to you and help you on the spot. These are mobile windshield repair companies and these are the services they offer. 

Windshield Repair  

When a windshield gets a small crack or chip in it, there is a good chance that it will spread across the windshield and become a dangerous safety hazard. However, if the chip or crack can be repaired quickly while it is small, this can be prevented. 

Special adhesives are used to seal cracks and chips so they do not expand. This is done by injecting the adhesive into the damaged glass. This service can be done quickly and easily at the location your car is in when you first notice the broken glass.

Windshield Replacement 

Mobile auto glass repair companies can often replace a windshield onsite as well. You will need to contact the repair company and give him the make and model of your vehicle. You may also need to give him a rough estimate of the measurements of your windshield.

The mobile windshield repair company will first remove the damaged windshield. The area around the windshield will be cleaned properly to remove any small bits of shattered glass. Once the new windshield is installed, an adhesive will be used to seal the windshield in place. The windshield also has a piece or rubberized trim around it that seals thoroughly when the windshield is installed.

Other Auto Glass Repairs and Replacements 

Some mobile windshield repair companies also do repairs and replacements for other types of auto glass. If windows, mirrors or headlights are cracked or broken, these may be repaired where the car is sitting without having to drive the car to the shop location. This helps prevent the glass from being further damaged and may also help you avoid being caught and getting a ticket for driving with a cracked headlight, mirror or window.

Mobile windshield repair companies can also bill your insurance for payment for the repairs or replacements that are done. This ensures they get paid without the need of an upfront payment before the work is completed on your vehicle.