If you have just had a new set of tires placed on your vehicle, you will most likely want to keep them from wearing prematurely so you save money and keep your vehicle safe. There are several steps you can take to keep your tires in the best condition, saving you from frequent new tire purchases. Here are some steps you can take to increase the life of your vehicle's tires.

Watch The Pressure

Always keep your tires inflated to the recommended pressure as listed in your vehicle manual. Over-inflating tires can lead to blowouts and improper wear. Under-inflated tires will wear out much quicker as there is more surface of the rubber on the road as you are driving the vehicle. Make it a point to check your tire pressure once a week to keep your tires in the best of condition.

Service After Hitting Something

If you run over something in the road or drive into a large pothole or crater, causing your vehicle to hit the area with an impact, bring your vehicle into a tire specialist right away to have your tires checked. Often when there is an impact, your wheels will need to be aligned as the hit will cause them to jar out of place. Continuing to drive after the impact can make your tires wear quickly as they will no longer be rotating evenly.

Rotate Regularly

Take your vehicle into the tire shop where you had purchased your tires to have them rotated according to the tire specifications. The service will swap the front left and right tires with each other and will do the same with the back set of tires. This ensures your tires will wear at an even rate. Often a tire service will offer free or discount rates for having your tires rotated after you purchase the tires at their establishment.

Check The Balance

If you need to put on a spare tire because one of your new tires has a slow leak or hole in it, make sure to have the spare balanced before placing it on your vehicle. Since the spare is most likely not the same model as the new set, it may be a different weight than the other three. A tire service will weigh your tire and add small metal weights to your spare so your tires will evenly distribute the weight of the vehicle. If you must use a donut on your vehicle, bring it to a tire shop right away to purchase a full-sized tire to keep your other three tires from wearing prematurely.

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