Many people are skeptical about selling their car to a used car dealership. However, this is a great way to sell your car quickly and still get a good amount of money for it. Here's how to be sure that you get the most money out of selling your used car even to a used car dealership:

Clean the Car:

Obviously, you want to clean the car to make it look as new as possible. Doing this is also going to save the dealership a great deal of time and money than doing this on your own, which will ensure that they offer a higher price for the vehicle. Getting it detailed is the best way to be sure that you get more money for the car. You should also consider replacing the floor mats (another way to save the dealership money). 

Repair Obvious Problems:

Repairing your car that you plan on selling completely and totally is just not worth it. Most of the time, hidden repairs that need to be done are going to be costly and won't bring the value of the car up that much higher. Instead, you should only focus on repairing obvious problems, such as dents and scratches on the exterior. In the end, this is the best way to get the most money for the vehicle.

Gather up Records:

All maintenance records that you have on the vehicle should be collected and shown to the used car dealership who will be purchasing your car. This may provoke them to offer you more money since they will know that there is less maintenance that will need to be done on the vehicle before they sell it themselves. You may even consider paying for a CarFax report, which will allow the car dealership to see the history of the car before they purchase it. If the history is clean, then they will probably offer you more money for the vehicle. 

Know the Price:

In order to be sure that you are getting as close to a fair price as possible on your used car, you will want to know the estimated value yourself. Use Kelley Blue Book to determine what a fair price would be and when you receive offers from any used car dealership, you can be sure that you accept one that is as close to that price as possible. 

Knowing how to get the most money from your used car will allow you to sell your car even quicker. 

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